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DirectLine specializes in providing turnkey to al-a-carte solutions for private branding. Choose from over 350 specialty chemical formulations for hundreds of applications.

If private branding is not the solution for you, DirectLine's industrial strength products can easily be integrated into your line using our own brand...3X:Chemistry.

Niche Brands

DLI has developed exclusive brands for direct to consumers sales via retail outlets, internet, catalogs or chain stores. These brands are sold through distributors only.


All Clear (glass surface cleaner)
Black Max (premium tire dressing)
Black Streak (foaming black streak cleaner)
Dura Seal (instant leak sealer)
EZ Slide (lube & protectant)
Fiber Swipe (carpet & fabric cleaner)
Invisa-Shield (non-stick coating)
Kleen Sheen (vinyl & plastic cleaner)
LC3 (pool liner & fiberglass cleaner)
Metal Etch (etches bare metal & inhibits rust)
Metal Prep (residue free, degreaser / cleaner)
No Bite Bands (insect repelling bands)
No Bite Zone (insect repelling granuals)
Nodor (natural odor eliminator)
nuGen (holding tank cleaner)
Paint Stripper & Powder Coat Remover
PC3 (pool water clarifier)
Perma-Seal (roll & stick roof patch)
Prime All (hi-solids, sag free primer)
Pro Shield (invisible coating)
Pro-Glo (hi-gloss polymer polish)
Refresh (odor neutralizing gel)
Rust Converter (chemically converts rust)
Rust Dissolver (removes rust)
Encapsulator (high-solids paint)
SD3 (pool surface dispersant)
Seal Saver (rubber seal conditioner)
Shine Brite (stainless steel cleaner)
ShowKote (spray-on wax with Teflon)
SR3 (pool scale remover & tile cleaner)
Stain Magic (fabric & awning cleaner)
Stainless Saver (clear acrylic coating)
Total Clean (multi-surface cleaner)
Total Tank Liquid (holding tank treatment)
Total Tank Powder (holding tank treatment)
Total Tank Toss-Ins (holding tank treatment)
UltraWash (wash and wax)
Undercoat Remover (loosens undercoating)

3X:Chemistry SD3 Surface Dispersant & Debris Cleaner

SD3 Surface Dispersant &
Debris Cleaner
Breaks Water Tension To Clear Debris From Surface

SD3 Surface Dispersant & Debris Cleaner is the fastest way to remove floating debris such as leaves, grass clippings and dirt from your pools surface. The safe, non-hazardous, easy to use formula pushes contaminants to the side for quick removal. Returning your pools surface to a brilliant shimmer.

  • Moves Surface Debris To Side
  • Leaves No Oily Residue
  • Safe, Non-Hazardous Formula
  • Contains No Phosphates


  • Application
  • FAQ
  • Video

Turn off pump. Extend cap tip, squirt stream of SD3 directly across pool surface. Allow debris to move to the side. Using a skimmer or net, scoop up debris for disposal. If needed, apply in sections based on size of water area.

"How long before SD3 begins to work?"
Almost instantly. When the dispersant contacts the water surface, debris will begin moving to the pool sides for easy removal.

"How does it work?"
SD3 contains a proprietary surfactant that once it hits the water displaces the water tension, pushing out negative ions and forcing the floating debris to move until it stops at the pool side.

"How much SD3 will I need?"
Depending on the size your pool, typically one roped stream across the surface every 100 feet should do the trick.

"Will SD3 add phosphates to pool water?"
No. SD3, like all 3X:Chemistry pool products, is free of algae feeding phosphates.

"How long after applying SD3 before the pool can be used again?"
Since SD3 contains no harmful chemicals, pools can be used again within minutes.

"Will SD3 have any adverse effect on my filter?"
No. SD3 is safe for use with all filter and pool types.

"Is SD3 safe for the environment and my kids?"
Yes. SD3 was formulated to be safe and non-hazardous while maintaining its strong effectiveness to move floating debris.

"Will SD3 effect pool water chemistry?"
No. SD3 will not effect your pools pH.